Leaving a Legacy 

From One Generation to the Next

From early on, Dean Close School has benefitted from the philanthropic support of our community. Indeed, Mary, the widow of Dean Francis Close, was one of the first to make this first vital contribution towards securing the School's future by leaving £800 in her Will. Since then, we have received several legacy gifts, large and small, from individuals and families who have continued this tradition and generously invested in the future of the School. Our success is rooted in this philanthropy, and we continue to be supported today. 

Benefactors have enabled us to provide life-changing educational opportunities to generations of pupils.

Why Leave a Legacy to Dean Close?

Gifts in Wills enable Dean Close Foundation to transform the life chances and opportunities of our pupils. Unlike many other fee-paying schools, Dean Close does not have a large endowment from which we can draw. All improvements and future developments are funded from surpluses and from the support of our community. 

Philanthropy helps us deliver on the three pillars of our Futures campaign. Gifts in Wills can be directed towards a specific area of interest or left without restrictions to allocate to the area of highest need. We are currently increasing our bursary provision through an Enduring Foundation Award. 

All Legacies left to Dean Close School are also exempt from Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax and so can reduce the tax burden on your estate.

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Where will my gift be directed? 

Since 2018 our transformational Foundation Awards have provided life-changing opportunities to bright and talented pupils whose families have limited means. Now, we plan to build on this through creating an endowment-style fund that will support the Foundation Awards in perpetuity. Legacy gifts left to Dean Close will be directed towards building this endowment fund. Alternatively, gifts in Wills can be directed towards a specific area of interest.

Recognising your support

If you have decided to include Dean Close in your Will, thank you. We would like to invite you to become a member of the Cornerstone Society, if you so wish. The giving society recognises those that have pledged to leave a Legacy to Dean Close and enables us to thank you and honor your gift during your lifetime. You will be invited to an annual special event with the Warden, as well as including your name in our Annual Report. Of course, you can choose to remain anonymous. 


Frequently asked questions

Once you have made provisions for your loved ones, we hope that you will consider including Dean Close in you Will; leaving a meaningful and enduring Legacy for the next generation.  

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